Palestine: When The Persecuted and Oppressed Become The Persecutors and Oppressors – Gaza is The Result

September 19, 2014

Compassion and Mercy – one would expect compassion and mercy from a people who were persecuted and oppressed for hundreds, thousands of years. Instead, the persecutors and oppressors of the Palestine people are such masters of the art of persecution, oppression and torture that birdsthey now do it for fun, to entertain their people and others around the world.

They have forgotten the mercy, compassion and rehabilitation people worldwide extended to them.

From the ghettoes of Europe they have emerged as a world arms dealer to turn Palestine into an apartheid state and to establish one of the largest concentration camps in the world called Gaza – even Hitler would blush to witness the atrocities committed in Gaza.Tulips

Suffering in all its forms and deprivations should teach people to treat other people as they would want to be treated, as they should have been treated.

How can the oppressors, persecutors and torturers of the Palestinian people expect others to like and respect them when their sins and atrocities are committed with no regret or repentance in the face of God?

Isaac’s children have everything they can possibly want on this earth – arms, bombs, nuclear weapons, abundant food, best medicine, modern infrastructure, striving economy, lots of stolen land and settlements, the best and greatest friend in the world called America, but they still can’t enjoy any of it. Why?Yikes!

Perhaps they will never enjoy the fruits of their oppression and persecution. Perhaps they will never know peace and happiness. Everything has a price. One man’s oppression and persecution is another man’s unhappiness and bomb shelters.

You build bombs – you live in bomb shelters.

From the ghettoes of Europe to the bomb shelters of the Promised Land. Everything has a price!



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