Israel – The 51st State (Of The United States of America)

September 22, 2014

Israel – The 51st State (Of The United States of America)

Why are people worried about Israel’s statehood? Israel will never be a country in its own right as long as it is dependent on the USA for the oxygen it breathes.IMG_5595

My tax $$$$$ are at work. Annually the United States of America gives billions of $, bombs, arms, planes – all kinds of war machines – moral support, military support, UN support – to the oppressors and persecutors of the Palestinian people.

In fact, America gives so much of my tax $, financial, moral and military aid to this ungrateful land that it is considered part of US territory.

Some people refer to Israel as Little America, the 51St State, and of course the Promised Land.lightning

Big America is my country. It is in North America. Little America is in the Middle East. Big America is helping Little America to push Gaza into the Mediterranean Sea.

Anyway, what does the US get in return for sticking its neck out for the Promised Land? The 51st State? America – my country – has been raping and plundering the Middle East of its oil, mineral and other natural resources for over 100 years. They won’t stop until the last drop of oil dies.

In order to continue its rape and plunder of the Middle East the US must totally control the politicians in the region. legion lake 077In order to control the Middle Eastern politicians it has bought the 51st State, The Promised Land, armed and financed it, and uses it as nuclear watch dog over the Middle East.

The US must realize that all empires fall and it will be a sad day for me when my empire – Big America – falls. Whatever will happen to Little America?



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