The Promised Land

September 24, 2014


The Promised Land sounds like hell on earth. No one seems to be happy there. No peace, no happiness, no contentment. Next to the US, the world’s best war-mongers live there.God-sky

Well anyway, one thing is for sure: There is no such place as the Promised Land.

Here is why: If there were such a place as a blessed piece of earth called the Promised land, then the people on that land would be the goodest, happiest, moralest people in the whole wide world!

The people occupying what is called the PL are oppressors and persecutors of their cousins and neighbours – the Palestinians.IMG_8743a

So God promised Abraham’s grandchildren through Isaac and Jacob a piece of land. Would a Prophet of Abraham’s stature be cursed with such descendants as the cursed people of the PL?

Have the holy people of the Torah & the Bible forgotten that Ishmael and Isaac are both sons of Abraham, and that Ishmael’s children and Isaac’s children are cousins and neighbours?IMG_4933

Any blessed people, in God’s favour, would not behave as they do: turning Gaza into a concentration camp, persecuting and oppressing people, starving, denying and bombing innocent children.

No, God would not like this at all. No wonder the Promised Land turned out to be hell.




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