Terrorists And Drug Lords: The More You Kill Them, The More they Multiply

September 29, 2014


A phenomenon that is difficult to understand! DSC_6745The more terrorists and drug lords the US assassinate, annihilate, eliminate, kill – whatever – the more they multiply. Drone one dead today, tomorrow 40 (more powerful, more dangerous) surface and take over. How could this be?

Shouldn’t all the terrorists and drug lords in the world be dead by now? In the daily news, the US and allies drone, shot dead, kill a bunch of these dregs and scum of society, and the very next morning another group, another organization is threatening the people and safety of the US.IMG_5595

Who are these people, this government, kidding? Themselves? I wish Americans were more interested in the world, more intelligent, and could see through the lies, propaganda, and dirt their government is dishing out to them.

We arm both sides. We arm the drug lords and buy their products, and use it, and kill ourselves. Then we go and fight and kill them and pretend to be fighting the war on drugs.

We arm and train the terrorists and then we fight them. With all the fighting and killing going on, why are terrorists and drug lords still on the planet?

Why are we Americans fighting everyone? DSC_0361We don’t have money for health care, infrastructure, education, poor kids, but we have abundant funds to pretend to kill terrorists and drug lords, and start wars and fight wars, and kill women and children, and our own young men and women in uniform.

When are we Americans going to wake up and smell the shit drowning us? When are we going to tell our Nobel Peace President and his government that enough is enough! I am tired of war!


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