Self Publishing: Is It Worth The Cost, Anxiety And Heartbreak?

October 1, 2014

Vultures: Self Publishers are like vultures!Success Starts Here They prey on the poor and hopeful writers who dream of seeing their words in print. They are really high tech cyber criminals with no face and no name and a new way to empty trusting pockets.

Like so many “foolish” people around the globe I would like to be a published writer. In the past it was difficult. Perhaps half of 1% of what was ever written got published. Even Dickens and Elliot began by publishing their own manuscripts.

Today we have self publishing. The cost is high, the anxiety leads to depression, and the lack of marketing skills lead to rejection and heartbreak.literature

After years of toiling over that MS and spending hard earned (sometimes borrowed) money to self publish and not being able to get a return on your labour and investment – well it is disillusioning, especially if you believe in the subject you have so carefully developed.

What is amazing about the publishing industry is that a movie star or a politician or a ball player could write trash about their sex life, war mongering, drug habits, or absolute tripe and they buy and publish such drivel.DSC_5394

To publish a book on educating parents and the public about the state of American education would not be of interest to publishers. And yet every publishing house has swindlers / salesmen preying on writers to self publish so they can make money.

These swindlers, these vultures, are merciless in their campaign to get one’s money to self publish.

Yes, I fell into the trap – and lost some retirement funds.




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