Peace: Pilgrimage to Mecca – Following The Footsteps of Prophet Muhammed (OWBP), Honouring Ibrahim And Ishmael (PBWT) The Builders of The Kaaba And Ishmael’s Mother Hagar (Safa & Marwa) And Celebrating Id ul Adha

October 3, 2014

 Salaam: Peace to the 1.5 billion Muslims around the world who, God willing, can observe this holy day.

One day – soon – Muslims will have to forget who are Sunnis and who are Shiites, and begin to work for the good of God and Islam.mosque

One day – soon – Muslims will have to give up the drones, the WMD, and the fight for power and kingdoms and return to the simple life the Holy Prophet (OWBP) and his Caliphs advocated during their life time.

One day – soon – Esau (PBWH) will be among us. Do the Muslims want him to see the mess they have made of Islam?

Today is Arafat, tomorrow is Eid. May God smile on the people of Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and all the other troubled Muslim countries, and may He remove the evil powers among the innocent and poor and give them food, shelter and PEACE. Salaam.




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