Self-Publishing: Profit, Peril & The Exploited Writers

October 8, 2014

The bottom line is: You should not have to pay to get your book published.the journey

The fact of the matter is: self-publishing is enticing, but the exploited poor writers do not reap the profits.

The old cliché for writers used to be publish or perish. Then in the age of cyber tech self-publishing was born. They know writers are anxious to get their works published so they exploit them. The people behind these companies are anonymous. In complete anonymity they grad your money, swindle you blind, and disappear into cyber space.DSC_5394

Self-publishing is the new form of exploiting poor unsuspecting writers who are hell bent on producing thoughts and words on paper for the “audience” of said thoughts and words.

This is the peril of self-pub. One wonders how many hundreds of millions of $$$ poor writers lose every year in this new scam. It is heart breaking. Yikes!However, greed will drive industries like self-pub, while the need to “succeed” will drive writers to the poor house.

Perhaps one day fools like me will realize that putting money into self-pub is like flushing money down the toilet. Do it if you have money to lose, but expect nothing in return.

The minute you pay them, they disappear in cyber space.

In a word, self publishing is a disillusioning experience.



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