Master Teachers = Principal’s Ass-Kissers

October 13, 2014

booksWho are the Master Teachers? Who decide the qualifications (education and experience) of a Master Teacher? Ready or not, here they come:

Master Teachers @ 20,000 + annual salary!

Model Teachers @   7,500 + annual salary!

Teacher Ambassadors @ 7,500 + annual salary!

This is certainly a plan to punish and embarrass the majority of experienced and effective teachers and reward the principal’s pets, boot-lickers, ass-kissers and family and friends.schoolroom

Who are the block-heads who came up with this stupid proposal to “reward … exemplary teachers … to extend … their reach and role to help others … to share and develop instructional practices … and … to support teachers’ instructional practices.”

These paragons of wisdom are going to be a selected few – no experience in teaching necessary.

At Teachers College / Columbia University, Dr. F. a world renowned authority on teaching and classroom practices told us enthusiastic future teachers that there is no such person as a master teacher.

His theory was simple. Teachers and teaching evolve every day. No one can “show” someone else “how to” teach. Teaching is a natural aptitude. One can or can’t teach. The desire to teach does not give one the ability to walk into a classroom and deliver a successful bus

Besides, what works today, may not work tomorrow. An experienced teacher knows that what works in one class may not work in another class. An experienced teacher also knows that she must modify the same lesson plan five times per day to fit every class. And since each student learns differently the dynamics in each classroom are also different.

Where does the master teacher fit into this practice? Teachers who can’t teach but aspire to administrative positions become teachers for a few years and then step into the AP’s or principal’s office.

So how are these Masters, Models and Ambassadors going to help and instruct other teachers?2013-01-28_09-16-34_256

Perhaps these newly created witches and wizards have a magic formula for fixing the broken system. However, from an experienced teacher’s point of view, this is more politics, corruption and waste of time and money. Let’s get real. Who are going to select these paragons of wisdom?

In the present system teachers already help each other, share information, share lesson plans and teaching material, and lend moral support when needed.

The empty heads that came-up with this plan has no knowledge of the politics, favoritism, in a school building. The principal picks the master teachers. Who is he going to pick?

With one stroke of their pens they created an uneven playing field and gave new meaning to experience / inexperience, superior / inferior, master / slave, I know / you don’t.




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