Parents: Electronics Kill Kids’ Minds

October 15, 2014

These days, almost everyone seems to believe that infants and toddlers by the age of three must be electronic savvy. They must know how to program the VCR, must know how to email grandma, and must know how to kill the electronic man on their little hand held

Never mind the violence.

If they can’t, then the little ones are lacking in intelligence.

Parents spend hundreds if not thousands of $$$ every year on useless electronics to enhance their kids’ ability to function in the electronic world. However, do kids really need to sit quietly for hours staring at senseless objects?

Do parents have an obligation to talk to their kids? How about their young eyes? How about developing their senses through the world around them?Building blocks

Playing with other kids and developing their social skills? How about their analytical, logical and comprehension skills? How about engaging and stretching their minds – creativity, ability, and a fertile and lively imagination?

Are parents using electronics to shirk their duties and responsibilities to their infants? In this day and age when both parents work full-time, and kids are in day care, spending quality with kids is a major problem.

But where does one draw the line between talking, playing, singing, reading, dinner table conversation, and the world of parents working and electronic parents?

It is okay for mum and dad to brag that three year old Tommy or two year old Maria shot down the bad guy in the new game. crayonsBut what happened to building blocks, picture books, crayons and coloring books, and all those things that encourage thinking, creativity and expanding the imagination.

What do parents really owe their kids?



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