Smart Phones Help Stupid People

October 20, 2014

Have you noticed that some seemingly intelligent people (especially those under 35) booksare incapable of participating in a conversation without “looking up” some information – fact or figure – on their smart phones?

It rather changes the dynamics of what used to be called conversation.

Over the weekend guests gathered at home for lunch and chit-chat. The older people held their own on religion, politics, history, geography, and most recent developments in the wars, the mid-east, and national and international affairs.Library Books

The younger people had to “look up”. They had not heard about changes in our voting laws.

One topic of conversation was China’s entry into Africa, from oil, exploitation, & building roads. Our young people did not know China was doing business in Africa. Kenya came up and quickly the young ones were “looking up” Kenya on the smart phones.

Now, one is not saying that today’s young graduates with masters’ degrees are not intelligent. But to be unable to participate in an intelligent, stimulating conversation that challenges knowledge and intellect leaves a lot to be desired. They have no knowledge (or very little) stored in their heads; they must tap into the smart phones to be informed.

Now all knowledge at one’s finger-tip is great! But it seems as if technology is replacing memory and brain cells, not to mention the social skills.stick-boy-and-girl

Reliance on finger-tip information to participate in a conversation is creating dependence on technology and causing young people’s brain cells to waste away – to die.

This leads one to surmise that smart phones are creating stupid people!


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