Technology: Creating The Deaf, Blind And Ignorant Generation

October 22, 2014

In thirty (30) years or so most of the children of the Electronic Age maybe deaf, blind and suffering memory loss. lap topAnyone thinking of becoming a doctor should consider the ears, the eyes, and the memory bank.

Our children from the cradle henceforth are given toys that destroy their hearing, their sight, and their brain. Their ears are plugged in, their eyes are glued to tiny screens, and their heads go blank.desks

Toddlers throw tantrums when their little hand-held toys are taken away. Grade school kids stay up until two or three in the morning texting, or playing games. Then they show up at school without homework and promptly fall asleep at their desks.

Parental supervision is one aspect of this crisis. The bigger problem is the future problem when one day we wake up and our children and grandchildren are suffering from hearing loss, eye sickness, and can’t recall what they ate for dinner.mind

And then there are those who complain about the obesity problems. Immobile children armed with mobile devices are heading for obesity. Not long ago they used to play outside in fresh air.

Everyday the technology companies are reporting record profits. What they are selling are deafness, blindness, memory loss and obesity. And no one seems to care!



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