Obama’s New Country: Freedom of Press is Dead & Reporters and Journalists are Rotting in Prison

October 29, 2014

What happened to our First Amendment Rights? Journalism is dead in America! Why are so few people outraged?DSC_5769

There is no freedom of speech, no freedom of press, no freedom of information, no freedom to congregate in public places. So what freedom do we have in this country? This is the USA. Freedom used to be our God given right, our constitutionally guaranteed right. It used to set us apart from the USSR, North Korea, East Germany, China, etc.breaking news

There is no freedom of speech left in America. People are scared to write to print their thoughts. Every word we say is recorded, monitored, examined, analyzed and used against us if the government chooses to do so.

The press, the media have the right to suppress the truth and to feed the American people propaganda. And the people do not have the critical / analytical skills to see through the lies and dirt they are fed. Journalists with integrity are scared to speak out or print the truth because they get dumped in jail.P1020449

There is no freedom to congregate and speak out in public places. Ferguson most recently!

The police have become the people’s keepers. We live in a police state. In poor neighborhoods there is a camera on every corner.

What kind of a country is this President Obama?




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