Obama Daughters Read His Legacy

November 3, 2014

Twenty years from now when the Obama daughters are finished with university and settled in a mansion somewhere they may want to read papa’s White House Legacy.ttronslien-8953

Let’s look at what they might be discovering:

President Obama deported more immigrants than any other president.

President Obama jailed more journalists & reporters than all other US presidents combined.

President Obama plunged into more wars than any other modern president.H13-22 Necrosis

President Obama droned millions of women and children.

President Obama bailed out banks and increased homelessness in the US.

President Obama rewrote the First Amendment into the National Surveillance Amendment.

President Obama lost his back-bone on his way to the White House.

President Obama hated the people in the Middle East.2013-01-28_09-16-34_256

President Obama had not the courage of his conviction (if he had any).

President Obama paid lip service to global warming.

President Obama turned his back on his Kenyan family.

President Obama made America the first democratic police state.

President Obama spent more money on wars than curing the ills of the poor.

President Obama was the man of hope and peace who mutated into a vegetable.

President Obama made campaign promises which he forgot on election night.

President Obama believed in war, torture and Guantanamo.DSC02722

Twenty years from now the Obama daughters will have the critical / analytical skills to give a thoughtful, perhaps unbiased, perusal of papa’s great contributions to this nation and the world, to the banks and the poor. They will also be living in the world he messed up.


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