President Obama’s Next Job: Bank President? Droning? Deportation Consultant?

November 5, 2014

Did I really vote for that – ? – TWICE?women

TWICE? He should send me to Guantanamo and have me tortured for my stupidity!

Here is a man of war, a bankers’ friend, a WMD friend, a drone friend and a foe of women and children. What has this president done for poor people?

President Obama won’t have any difficulty finding a profitable job in two years. Any bank in the world would love to give him work. MS-C should hire him with a starting bonus of at least 20 million. Or the IMF could stick-boy-and-girldo with a man of his caliber. Or the World Bank! A man who knows how to rob the poor and make the banks profitable is a gift.

Imagine if he was World Bank or IMF and Haiti came to him for help. Boy, they would be droned.

A step and a leap from the White House to the Green Hou$e.DSC_5394

And then there are all his other White House crimes. Killing and droning innocent women and children. Any man who would declare his intensions of war while accepting a Nobel Peace Prize had no peaceful intentions.ttronslien-8953

What has he done for immigrants? Procrastination! After all the immigrants and minorities who voted for him, he turned a cold boneless back on them. As “deportation consultant” he can quickly clean up America of unwanted immigrants. What about his own immigrant family from Kenya. One reads about them often in the newspaper. Shouldn’t the daughters know them?

Well anyway, two more years of war, droning, deportation, torture and rick bank$ is a long time.


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