America’s War on Terror & War on Drugs

November 7, 2014

As long as I have memory we have been fighting the war on terror (WOT) and the war on drugs (WOD). These wars have changed names, tone, intensity and kinds of WMD.lightning

We in the US love wars. We can’t seem to stop fighting them, starting them, jumping into them. This is a nation of everlasting wars. We thrive on wars. When we don’t have money to pay for our wars we borrow from China or who ever.mf802

We have no money for our poor people or sick children. Our sick and starving are living in shelters; can’t afford schools; but we have a bottomless coffer when it comes to war and killing other people’s children.

This country is doomed! We had 8 eight years of war with the last nincompoop in the White House (2000 – 2008). Now we are having another 8 years of war with this bone less jerk in the White House (2009 – 2016). How can we as a country afford all these wars?H13-22 Necrosis

The WOT and the WOD are the propaganda our government is pushing down our throats to cover up all their illegal activities at home and abroad. Ask Julian Assange & Edward Snowden.

This war on Terror, what is it all about? Who in his right mind is going to attack the US? Canada? Mexico? The Pacific? The Atlantic?flag

Most Americans should know that the World Trade Center job was a US set-up, an inside job. Yes, it is labeled the conspiracy theory, and Muslims are blamed, but was it a set-up to give the US the opportunity to bomb and drone the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Muslims?

After all, the so-called WOT just like the so-called WOD has been going on for decades and all the terrorists and drug sellers and users are still around laughing at us.Crossman co2 air pistol

This country is a mess. And while we are fighting the good wars on terror & drugs China is occupying Africa and South America. Keep on fighting America! We the people love wars!


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