The Media, Propaganda, Freedom of Speech, Jailed Journalists … This Country is a Mess!

November 10, 2014

Jumbled thoughts: Look at the three branches of US government in the 21st Century.flag Is the Supreme Court protecting the Constitutional Rights of the people of the US?

When was the last time Congress actually sat down and worked together in the interest of the masses in this country?

The Executive Branch: When are they going to untie their hands from the ropes of Congress and the Supreme Court and look at the people who need food, shelter, healthcare, education and a repaired infrastructure?lightning

Instead of the budget being 75% war, WMD & military, and 25% for the American people, shouldn’t it be the opposite?DSC_5394

Are the media in the US any different from Egypt, Russia, North Korea, China, etc? They throw their journalists in prison for telling the truth and we do the same, don’t we?H13-22 Necrosis

They have regimes that we despise and criticize, and yet we are no different. But the US media is good at pretending that we are! They are to blame for the lies and the propaganda.breaking news

How about buying and fixing elections? Shouldn’t the media be at war with the people who do this? When will the American people wake up and face this very personal crisis?


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