Media Sell & Spread Islamophobia

November 17, 2014

Islamophobia is quite profitable. It sells dirty newspapers and elevates TV ratings from the gutter.2013-11-03 16.36.51 If someone with an Arabic name or a “Muslim” name does something wrong, then immediately the person is a terrorist and Islam is responsible.

Every day in the US some where, some place, a man shoots 5, 10, 15 people dead and injures as many others. In the post office, at UPS, in the military, in schools, in temples, in theatres, in homes. Let’s not forget 20 babies and 6 teachers in Connecticut.1-IMG_3442

These mass murderers are not identified as terrorists, as Christians, as Jews, or as Buddhists.

They are men who had arms and ammunition, who lost control, went berserk, had psychological problems, and a host of excuses are found to explain and justify their atrocious behavior.

If these men are white Americans, more explanation and more justification can be found.

How many of these shootouts were done by Muslim men? And yet if a Muslim man sneezes at the white-swan-in-sunset-patk-las-vegaswrong time, wrong place, the TV grabs it for round the clock, breaking news coverage. It also becomes the headline for every daily newspaper in the country.

Yes, Islamophobia is selling news and selling fear to the American people. Muslims are attacking the homeland, the military; everyone is on red / high alert.

There are government agencies that entrap young Muslim men, train and supply them with stuff to destroy strategic American sites, then the police or FBI catch them 10 seconds before the presumed crime is committed. These unsuspecting and innocent young Muslim men then spend the rest of their lives rotting in US prisons for the government set-up. My tax $ is used for the entrapment and the life sentence. Why not deport them?bright boxes

Where is the media? Why don’t they expose these crimes and injustices against American Muslims? But, no! The media promotes Islamophobia. Another way to keep the American public ignorant. Instead of spreading hate, why not spread the truth? We all might just live together peacefully!


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