Islamophobia and Ignorance: Media, Fear, Propaganda

November 19, 2014

Why is Islamophobia permeating the American imagination? God-skyWho is responsible for the spread of this epidemic? How can a religion like Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, sent from God to his people, be the kind of destructive element that the media and the American government is making it out to be?

Men have used religion for ware-fare, crimes, political power, land grab, and the unforgettable Crusades which lasted hundreds of years.

The American people are ignorant of the rules and laws that are the foundation of Islam. The media and the government know this and instead of educating the population, they feed them propaganda, hate and hypocrisy.IMG_2682

Their reason for creating Islamophobia is to control the American people. If Americans think that these Islamic terrorists, radicals, fundamentalists, et al are going to attack us, then they won’t worry about poverty, starvation, health-care, education, infrastructure, etc. Saving America becomes of paramount importance, and disease and starvation become forgotten.

Keep the simple minded Americans ignorant and they can control them and spend our trillion $$ on f2-DSCN2702war, war machines, WMD and killing the followers of Islam.

Have the Catholics and Jews forgotten the phobias that they faced when they arrived in this land of the brave, home of the free?

Well, once again the media and the government are busy smearing innocent people and exploiting the ignorance of the American people. But not for long! We Americans are good people. Tell us the truth and we have compassion.ttronslien-8953

The true followers of Islam are peaceful people, and Almighty God has never forsaken his people. Ask Moses! Islamophobia will die soon, God Willing, because the truth has a way of surviving and setting people free and Islam’s children will survive Islamophobia.



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