Politics of Fear = Islamophobia

November 21, 2014


The simple question: Is politics and Islamophobia connected? Related? Linked together? The simple answer is, Yes!lightning

The complex answer is warfare, arms trade, political & financial power, universal control of earth & space, oppression & people, exploitation of oil & mineral from 3rd World countries, spying, surveillance, money –holding billions of $ from other countries, e.g. Iran, etc.H13-22 Necrosis

The American economy is grounded in the arms trade. We sell WMD to poor countries and push them to kill each other. We have at least 130 military bases around the world. We thrive on war – think of the unemployment rate if we reduce the military by 25%?

We oppress foreign countries and people and exploit their wealth, their oil & minerals. We police the world and have turned America into a police state. To maintain a police state people must live in perpetual fear.DSC_5769

Our surveillance net work in this country is such that what we say & eat, where we go, what and when we shop; the books we read etc. are all recorded. Every light pole with a spy machine!

And how does the American government get away with these crimes? They no longer have the USSR / Communism / Iron Curtain / Cold War to use to spread fear here and around the world.flag

Therefore, they have created Islamophobia as the new tool to put fear in the American people, control their thinking, and turn their attention away from the crisis at home. Away from: poverty, health care, education, food, homelessness, etc.

If we are daily worried about terrorists & attacks2013-01-04 22.53.21 on the home land, then we won’t worry about health care and starvation. This is the politics of fear.

Islamophobia was created to blind the American people.

Given time, the American people will learn the truth about the politics of fear, Islam and Islamophobia.


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