A Prayer For The New Year

December 31, 2014

We Pray and ask God to make the Year 2015 a year of peace for humankind.happy-flowers

We Pray that poverty and suffering of all people will decrease.

We Pray that the hungry will be given food, the homeless will find homes, and the sick will get medicine and good health, God Willing.balloon-boy

We Pray that all the orphans of war and in the world, with God’s help, will find good “parents” and warm homes.

Almighty God, only you can fulfill the needs of the poor and the orphans. Please bless them with food, homes and good health in the New Year.God-sky

Please God make hate and racism go away.

The children of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, the African Continent, the Ebola victims, the victims of war, they all need your help.DSCF4284

Please Almighty God, help the poor and the needy of our world. Thank you.

Happy New year to all especially the poor and needy.




Palestinian State: NEVER!

December 29, 2014


Here are a few facts:

– A country, a state needs land to be a state. There is no land left for a viable Palestinian State.H13-22 Necrosis

– American leaders have killed every word, vetoed every suggestion of a Palestinian State.

– Israel is our 51st State, our spying in and control of the Middle East.

– America, Britain and allies have supported every Israeli land grab and settlement built on Palestinian land.13-10-18 Astoria Coast Guard helicopter-1

– A Palestinian State is an insider dirty joke between America and Israel.

– The Israelis will never be happy because they will always live in fear.

– Mahmud Abbas is not worth spit. He has been negotiating for 25 useless years and has nothing to show for it. He negotiated away Palestine and the Palestinians. He sits on his brain and his ass is in his head.

– Hamas – good or bad – is holding on to Gaza.f2-DSCN2702

Two suggestions:

  1. Send the Palestinian Christians to live in Christian countries, viz. White House, DC and Downing Street, London. Brits would sell their mums to keep the Jews in Israel.
  2. The Palestinian Muslims can be pushed into the Mediterranean, sent to other Arab countries, or the American and Israelis could genocide them like we did the Native Americans whom we did not want.DSCF4284

Now, for the shame of the Muslim world. There are 22 Arab countries, and there is Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia and all the “Stans”. Granted some of them, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, thanks to our holy American wars are not in a position to help, but more of these countries should reach out a helping hand to the Palestinians. Some are neutral. Some are on the American payroll. Some are afraid of Israel. Saudi Arabia is a selfish hypocrite.

How can the Muslim (so called) leadership turn their backs on Palestinians God-skywho need food, shelter, medicine, clothes and necessities for daily survival?

Palestinians: How can you have state?

It would take an Act of God to change your lives.

Christmas dinner yesterday was of good food and disturbing conversation. As an immigrant family we have lived in this country for over forty-five years.ttronslien-8953

Our children served in three branches of the military. They have been in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are teachers, doctors, nurses, and lawyers in the family. Every member is employed and pay taxes. We pay more taxes than some corporations.

It is disturbing to wake up one day and realize that Black people, Spanish people, and Muslim people, all US citizens, are not worth spit in this country.

White men / white people rule and all others are their slaves, their victims, their inferiors. It is obvious that white people hate themselves and have no flagconfidence in their abilities and use these minorities for anger management and to prove their manhood.

These white people have forgotten that most of their ancestors came to these shores as criminals out of some European prisons. The first act of the Pilgrims after arriving here was to slaughter the Native Americans.


At Christmas dinner we warned our young ones to be careful of police brutality and victimization. Stop and frisk is for real. We taught out kids that police are their friends and in trouble to go to them. Now we tell them when you see a police officer or a police car, remember these are not friends.DSCN7910

This country was built on white people – good Christian people – killing the Natives and enslaving the Africans. Lots of blood on their hands! Today, almost five hundred years later white people are still killing and enslaving anyone who is not white. Lots more blood on their hands. What is it in white people that make them blood thirsty?

Black and Hispanic men are in jail or dead as the law enforcement folks deem necessary. Muslim men are entrapped as would be terrorists and put away for life.

What will happen to our children who served in the military, God-skydefended this country in unnecessary wars, and must now walk on American soil in dread and fear for their lives?

We love this country. We hope these good white Christian people have a good answer for God.




I love Christmas. In the western world, it is not just the day, it is the “Season”. ornament_hollyThere are those who celebrate the religious significance of Christmas, but there are a billion people who just enjoy the “Season”.

Walk into a shop and Christmas music is serenading the shoppers. One sings along with Nat Cole – Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire – Bing Crosby – White Christmas, and so many other Christmas songs.005

Drive around the neighbourhood and the houses are lit up, the yards are decorated, and the trees turned into Christmas trees, all of which turn the world into a festival of lights and Goodness.

Everywhere one looks Christmas is calling out. It is difficult to be in a bad mood after walking into a shop or driving around your neighbourhood.

Well, even if one is not celebrating Christmas as a religious holiday, family and friends still get together and enjoy the company and special meals.electric-pink-love

Yes, Christmas is a time of peace & love & hope & joy & good cheer, & laughter & hugs & renewal & good will to mankind & prayers and lots of love for all.smudge-chalk-girls

It is a time for forgiveness when family, friends and neighbours embrace each other in the name of all that’s meaningful in life. Yes, I love Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone! May God Bless you all and give peace to the world.

Doctors: The New Drug Dealers

December 22, 2014




Greedy doctors, working for drug companies, are destroying people’s lives.DSC_5394

American doctors and the medical profession have hit a new low in the US. Doctors now work for drug companies instead of curing sick people.

Walk into a doctor’s office and one is guaranteed to leave with several prescriptions, a few for unrelated illnesses.

A friend went to the doctor for her annual check-up. He told her everything “looked” okay, and would call her when the blood, urine and other test results were in. She is in good health. She takes no pills. However, he gave her a prescription for vitamins – B12 and D.IMG_0318

Doctors killed one person of my family with pills. At one point she was taking 24 – 30 pills per day. We changed doctors, who reduced her intake, but it was too late. She was taking pills for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and depression, but had none of these diseases. She was also taking prescription vitamins – B12 and calcium.f2-DSCN2702

A second member of my family sees his doctor once every week and leaves with pain killers, depression pills, etc. He swears by his doctors. He refuses to believe that he is not sick. His doctor told him he is sick and needs drugs to live and doctor’s words are gospel.

His doctor told him he has a bad back and should not walk. How could this be?

There are more doctors’ stories, but I’m sure everyone has his own tale to tell.DSCN7910

American doctors stink. They are greedy, self serving and serve the drug companies instead of the people they swore to care for.

They are destroying people’s quality of life. They are turning healthy people into vegetables dependant on pills – drugs. No wonder they are against social medicine in this country.DSC02722

If only people – as my family member – would wake up and see what charlatans doctors truly are, maybe American medicine will change for the better. In the meantime, we are becoming a country of drug addicts.

Can there be anything more wrong than going into a house of worship – be it synagogue, church, H13-22 Necrosistemple, mosque – and killing a person in the act of worshipping God? NO!

Killing those 4 Rabbis in synagogue in Israel was wrong.

Killing those 6 Sikhs in temple in the US was wrong.Agreement

Killing those 100 Muslims in mosque in Nigeria was wrong.

Killing those 100 Muslims in mosque in Hebron was wrong.

There is no justification for killing any one, but a person in prayer should be left alone. He is at peace with himself and at one with his Creator. He is where the Almighty commanded him to be.Crossman co2 air pistol

A house of prayer used to be a sanctuary, a safe place, protection from all kinds of threats. Those days are over.

It is wrong to kill – be it in war or in peace. It is unforgivable to kill a person who is praying to God.      stick-boy-and-girl

P.S.      It is also wrong and unforgivable to go into a school and kill innocent children. May God forever burn those hypocrites and infidels in hell.

Sharia: Rules Muslims live by like the Ten Commandments.f2-DSCN2702

Can you tell Catholics to throw away their rosaries? Stop the Hail Marys? NO.

Can you tell the Jews to throw out the Halacha laws? NO.

American politicians have already passed legislation to prohibit Muslims from practicing Sharia.

American politicians are so stupid. DSCN7910If only they would read and increase their knowledge (and try to appear intelligent) they might be able to serve the people who elected them in a positive way.

Muslims – the followers of Islam – must obey the Ten Commandments of Moses. They must accept Jesus as a Prophet of God. They must believe that Jesus is returning one day. If they don’t, then they can’t claim to be Muslims.

Jews and Christians have religious rules which they must follow in their daily lives if they claim to be Jews or Christians. In the same way Muslims have rules which they must follow in their daily lives if they claim to be Muslims. These rules are called Sharia.language

Sharia covers personal and domestic cleanliness, dress, food, greetings, charity, borrowing and lending money, prayer, family obligation, to name a few.

If our politicians would have a dialogue with people of the Muslim Faith and clarify what Sharia is, then they might see that their paranoia is uncalled for.

It would be shocking to find out that Catholic and Jewish politicians are supporting this nonsense. One wonders if politicians all over the world are as stupid as American politicians. Anyway, Sharia is simply the rules – public and private – that a Muslim – male or female – lives by.

All over this country, in every public bathroom, there are signs telling people to wash their hands. Muslims don’t have to be reminded to wash their hands. They do it as part of Sharia. They were taught as kids to wash after every visit to the bathroom.

In Muslim countries – Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Jordon + 20 others – the bathrooms are equipped with special connections to help Muslims keep themselves clean 24 hours per day.DSCF4284

American politicians should visit some Muslim bathrooms. They might even learn to keep themselves clean.


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