Christians: Good People? Bad People?

December 1, 2014

Who started Islamophobia? Where did Islamophobia come from? Suddenly Muslims are the worst people on God’s earth.God-sky

For over 1400 years Jews, Christians and Muslims have lived in the Middle East in peace. In the last 25 years Muslims have become world wide criminals and Islam, their religion, has become the source of hate and prejudice and used to spread fear among unsuspecting people.

Let’s look at the role of Christians and Christianity in creating world wide chaos for a thousand years. Remember the Christian Crusades?IMG_0135-1 European Christians including Kings, the nobility and laymen – with the Pope’s blessings – tried unsuccessfully to annihilate the Muslims in Jerusalem / Palestine, presumably to cleanse Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus, of infidels. Perhaps infidels include Christians and Jews because they also lived there.

They annihilated hundreds of thousands of people – Jews, Christians, Muslims. Remember how the horses were knee deep in human blood in Palestine? Christian atrocities, genocide, holocaust during those 200 years of crusades will live

European Christians started the slave trade. What a world wide disaster that was and still is to this day. To think that those pious Christians would enslave their fellow human beings for material gain is so unchristian-like. What would Jesus say to such barbaric treatment of his black brothers?

European Christians (and later American Christians) have built empires on the backs of the people of Asia (India), Africa, and South America. They gave the world imperialism and colonialism, and had no shame or guilt raping and plundering the poor people of the world.Agreement

And now the holy Christians have turned their attention once again on the Islamic world with the singular intention of annihilating a people for power and economic gain.2013-01-28_09-16-34_256

Yes, European and American Christian kings and leaders are bad people and Jesus must be cringing in his heavenly abode when he looks down on earth and see what a destructive force Christianity has become.


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