The Christian Crusades and Their Continuing Mission to Annihilate Muslims

December 3, 2014



Perhaps the Christian Crusades are history, long ago, long forgotten, and for Christians should remain buried like the bodies of hundreds of thousands of Muslims.DSC_0361 The goal of the Crusades was to cleanse Palestine / Jerusalem / Bethlehem of the infidel Muslims and destroy their religion.

However, in their path on their way to Jerusalem were Jews, Christians and Muslims who were all slaughtered in the name of power – not religion.

One would think that after such a shameful episode in Christian history – not to mention their defeat – the Christians would be ashamed of their conduct and try to live in peace with Jews and Muslims.SONY DSC

Christians have forgotten the Crusades. They have forgotten that Jerusalem was covered up to the knees in human blood. They have forgotten the blood on their hands. They have forgotten the hundreds of thousands of people they slaughtered. They have forgotten that they lost Jerusalem because it was the Will of God. They have forgotten that they slaughtered their own Christian brothers and sisters in their quest for power.

Again, one would think that after such genocidal behavior the Christians would learn about their Christian religion and history, and their relationship to Jews and Muslims through Abraham and understand that we are all Abraham’s children and close cousins.DSC_1414-2

We all have one common ancestor – Abraham? Don’t we?

Aren’t we all – Jews, Christians, Muslims – Abraham’s children? Aren’t we all cousins?

But throughout history the Christians have systematically tried to cleanse the earth of Jews and Muslims. Look at how Christian Europe has treated its Jewish people for 2,000 years. Can we forget it? Can we forgive it?IMG_8743a

When are Christian heads of states and Christian church leaders going to acknowledge their sinful roles in world wide oppression, exploitation, imperialism, colonialism, genocide, enslavement, and all the other evils they are responsible for on this earth?

Christian leaders in the US are now exploiting fear of Muslims and spreading Islamophobia.DSCF4284

Who will clean things up? Well, we are all waiting for the Messiah.


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