Why Aren’t Catholics and Jews Fighting Islamophobia?

December 8, 2014

When Catholics, and then Jews began arriving here Lady Libertyttronslien-8953 greeted them with open arms and welcomed them warmly to the land of free and the home of the brave.

Lady Liberty was not prejudiced. Her heart accepted the persecuted of the world. However, the Catholics and the Jews suffered decades of American hate, prejudice and persecution. They lived the laws of marginality and knew what religious phobias and persecution were all about.IMG_0318

They got low paying jobs, the kids changed or hid their religion, lots of Jews changed their names, the list of changes they made goes on.

The Catholics and Jews suffered and suffered and it took them decades to be accepted in this Christian country where words like liberty, equality and justice for all are just that – words without meaning.

In the last 30 – 40 years the Muslims began arriving in America in large numbers. American wars and persecution in their own countries leave them no choice but to seek other shores – whether the US of European lands.DSCN7910

What greets and welcome the Muslims to America is not Lady Liberty’s open arms but Islamophobia. This is the new greetings, and these are the new immigrants to be marginalized and persecuted.

The question is: Catholics and Jews have been there, have suffered the same fate, why aren’t they speaking out against Islamophobia? As people of the Book, shouldn’t they condemn this outrage against Abraham’s other children – their cousins?

They were persecuted, hated, marginalized, treated as dirt, they know how it feels. How in the name of God can they sit in their glass houses and watch politicians and the American media accuse and God-skycondemn Muslims, marginalize them, exploit fear for all its worth and say or do nothing.

If they have memories and God within their souls then Catholics and Jews should join the fight against Islamophobia.


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