Christianity and Barbaric European Christians

December 10, 2014

Christianity as a religion did not civilize? humanize? the barbarians who lived in Europe.God-sky

Religion is supposed to teach people about tolerance, peace, harmony, accepting other people’s religion, in a nutshell, to co-exist with each other, accepting all the faults and short-comings of your neighbours.

European kings and leaders (holy and laymen) used Christianity to conquer the churchworld instead of saving their souls. Europeans were (still are) warriors, barbaric, uncivilized and certainly lacking in Christian morals.

Unlike the Chinese, Indian or African Civilizations, which are thousands of years old, the Europeans had nothing to lay claim on.

The Greeks had Alexandria and Mesopotamia.

If Christianity had done its job and teach the Europeans about morals, ethics, culture, the Ten Commandments, the life of Jesus Christ, then as good Christians they would not have turned the world upside down in their quest for domination.H13-22 Necrosis

And that is what European Christians did. The Christian Crusades, the slaves they bought and sold, their divide and conquer – by religion, race, tribe – rule, plundering and raping continent after continent, in search of power and gold.

Yes, European Christians have a lot to answer for as to the present sorry state of our world. They have taught their European-American immigrant brothers well. The parts of the world that they – Europeans – did not get to plunder and rape and imperialize and colonialize the Americans have taken up the call and are rapidly destroying the rest of the world.Agreement

America is the most religious, most moral country in the world right now. Our white moral religious political Christian leaders whose ancestry goes back to white Christian Europe are the best war mongers in the world. They have out done their European Christian brothers.DSCF4284

One wonders what Jesus Christ would say about the Euro-American Christian interpretation of Christianity? Time for a break you pious Christians. Mend the world. Stop destroying it.



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