Christians: Christmas is a Time of Reflection and Peace and Good Will to All…

December 12, 2014


Christmas cards are filled with messages of peace, good will, joy, hope, merriment, and all the other ornament_hollysentiments that some Christians do not practice.

Words have so little meaning. Christmas card greetings and messages are so phony. We have so many other words in our vocabulary that are also meaning-less. For example, JUSTICE, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, EQUALITY – what do these words mean?

For all Christians, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. It is a time to reflect, extend peace and good will to all mankind, etc.005

If Christians in power actually believed in Christmas, and the spirit of the season, and the messages in their Christmas cards, perhaps this would be a better world.

If white Christians in power believe in peace and not war, believe in dialogue and not WMD, believe in equality and not master and slave, believe in God and not the devil, perhaps this would be a better world.

Christians who pray to capitalism have turned Christmas into one long shopping parade. Christmas has no religious meaning anymore. Christmas cards are a big lie. But let’s put all that aside. We don’t want the economy to collapse.

If Christians would put God and His Prophet Jesus back into Christmas, and pray instead of shop, andchurch think no wars, no hunger, no more kids homeless, sick and starving, what a wonderful Christmas world this would be.

May greed and capitalism destroy us all? Pray no! Merry Christmas everybody!



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