Sharia: Washing Hands, Scarves, Praying Traumatize American Legislators

December 15, 2014


Here is a chuckle for the intelligent among us. We are now legislating Islamophobia. f2-DSCN2702Three states have already passed anti-Sharia laws, and twenty-two more are planning to do the same.

Legislators should do their homework. They should research what Sharia means before wasting their time and the tax-payers’ dollars. (Perhaps legislators are too dumb to do research.)

If the legislators knew and understood what Sharia is, perhaps they would bury their silly heads in a dirt heap.

For a practicing Muslim Sharia is how he or she behaves, dresses, conduct themselves in daily life. IMG_0135-1For example, a woman wearing a head scarf is observing Sharia. Don’t nuns and observing Jewish woman wear head coverings? The fact is that 60% of Muslim women do not wear scarves.

Muslims wash their hands before and after eating. That is Sharia. They say Bismillah before eating and Alhamdo Lillah after eating. That is Sharia. They pray five times per day. That is Sharia. They send blessings unto all the Prophets of God. That is Sharia. They eat halal food. That is Sharia. Some Muslim men have beards and wear head coverings. That is Sharia. (Don’t religious Jewish and Christian clergy men wear head coverings and other attachments to their dress?)

Sharia is comparable to the Ten Commandments of Moses.Breaktime

How can the US Government legislate against Sharia? Are they going to pass laws stopping Muslims from washing their hands, saying Bismillah before they eat, stop praying everyday, or not eating the food (halal) they choose to eat?

We know American elected officials are stupid, racist, and have very little to do.DSCF4284 But passing anti-Sharia laws is taking stupidity and racism to a new low.

This is another was to incite fear in Americans and spread Islamophobia.



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