Sharia & Stupid American Politicians

December 17, 2014

Sharia: Rules Muslims live by like the Ten Commandments.f2-DSCN2702

Can you tell Catholics to throw away their rosaries? Stop the Hail Marys? NO.

Can you tell the Jews to throw out the Halacha laws? NO.

American politicians have already passed legislation to prohibit Muslims from practicing Sharia.

American politicians are so stupid. DSCN7910If only they would read and increase their knowledge (and try to appear intelligent) they might be able to serve the people who elected them in a positive way.

Muslims – the followers of Islam – must obey the Ten Commandments of Moses. They must accept Jesus as a Prophet of God. They must believe that Jesus is returning one day. If they don’t, then they can’t claim to be Muslims.

Jews and Christians have religious rules which they must follow in their daily lives if they claim to be Jews or Christians. In the same way Muslims have rules which they must follow in their daily lives if they claim to be Muslims. These rules are called Sharia.language

Sharia covers personal and domestic cleanliness, dress, food, greetings, charity, borrowing and lending money, prayer, family obligation, to name a few.

If our politicians would have a dialogue with people of the Muslim Faith and clarify what Sharia is, then they might see that their paranoia is uncalled for.

It would be shocking to find out that Catholic and Jewish politicians are supporting this nonsense. One wonders if politicians all over the world are as stupid as American politicians. Anyway, Sharia is simply the rules – public and private – that a Muslim – male or female – lives by.

All over this country, in every public bathroom, there are signs telling people to wash their hands. Muslims don’t have to be reminded to wash their hands. They do it as part of Sharia. They were taught as kids to wash after every visit to the bathroom.

In Muslim countries – Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Jordon + 20 others – the bathrooms are equipped with special connections to help Muslims keep themselves clean 24 hours per day.DSCF4284

American politicians should visit some Muslim bathrooms. They might even learn to keep themselves clean.



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