Four Rabbis Killed – Simply Wrong

December 19, 2014

Can there be anything more wrong than going into a house of worship – be it synagogue, church, H13-22 Necrosistemple, mosque – and killing a person in the act of worshipping God? NO!

Killing those 4 Rabbis in synagogue in Israel was wrong.

Killing those 6 Sikhs in temple in the US was wrong.Agreement

Killing those 100 Muslims in mosque in Nigeria was wrong.

Killing those 100 Muslims in mosque in Hebron was wrong.

There is no justification for killing any one, but a person in prayer should be left alone. He is at peace with himself and at one with his Creator. He is where the Almighty commanded him to be.Crossman co2 air pistol

A house of prayer used to be a sanctuary, a safe place, protection from all kinds of threats. Those days are over.

It is wrong to kill – be it in war or in peace. It is unforgivable to kill a person who is praying to God.      stick-boy-and-girl

P.S.      It is also wrong and unforgivable to go into a school and kill innocent children. May God forever burn those hypocrites and infidels in hell.


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