Christmas: Peace, Love, Hope, Joy, Cheer, Laughter, Hugs, Family, Friends & Prayers

December 24, 2014


I love Christmas. In the western world, it is not just the day, it is the “Season”. ornament_hollyThere are those who celebrate the religious significance of Christmas, but there are a billion people who just enjoy the “Season”.

Walk into a shop and Christmas music is serenading the shoppers. One sings along with Nat Cole – Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire – Bing Crosby – White Christmas, and so many other Christmas songs.005

Drive around the neighbourhood and the houses are lit up, the yards are decorated, and the trees turned into Christmas trees, all of which turn the world into a festival of lights and Goodness.

Everywhere one looks Christmas is calling out. It is difficult to be in a bad mood after walking into a shop or driving around your neighbourhood.

Well, even if one is not celebrating Christmas as a religious holiday, family and friends still get together and enjoy the company and special meals.electric-pink-love

Yes, Christmas is a time of peace & love & hope & joy & good cheer, & laughter & hugs & renewal & good will to mankind & prayers and lots of love for all.smudge-chalk-girls

It is a time for forgiveness when family, friends and neighbours embrace each other in the name of all that’s meaningful in life. Yes, I love Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone! May God Bless you all and give peace to the world.


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