America: Owned and Operated by White Supremacist

December 26, 2014

Christmas dinner yesterday was of good food and disturbing conversation. As an immigrant family we have lived in this country for over forty-five years.ttronslien-8953

Our children served in three branches of the military. They have been in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are teachers, doctors, nurses, and lawyers in the family. Every member is employed and pay taxes. We pay more taxes than some corporations.

It is disturbing to wake up one day and realize that Black people, Spanish people, and Muslim people, all US citizens, are not worth spit in this country.

White men / white people rule and all others are their slaves, their victims, their inferiors. It is obvious that white people hate themselves and have no flagconfidence in their abilities and use these minorities for anger management and to prove their manhood.

These white people have forgotten that most of their ancestors came to these shores as criminals out of some European prisons. The first act of the Pilgrims after arriving here was to slaughter the Native Americans.


At Christmas dinner we warned our young ones to be careful of police brutality and victimization. Stop and frisk is for real. We taught out kids that police are their friends and in trouble to go to them. Now we tell them when you see a police officer or a police car, remember these are not friends.DSCN7910

This country was built on white people – good Christian people – killing the Natives and enslaving the Africans. Lots of blood on their hands! Today, almost five hundred years later white people are still killing and enslaving anyone who is not white. Lots more blood on their hands. What is it in white people that make them blood thirsty?

Black and Hispanic men are in jail or dead as the law enforcement folks deem necessary. Muslim men are entrapped as would be terrorists and put away for life.

What will happen to our children who served in the military, God-skydefended this country in unnecessary wars, and must now walk on American soil in dread and fear for their lives?

We love this country. We hope these good white Christian people have a good answer for God.




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