Republican Congress Hate President Obama – 2015-16 – The Long Years of Racism

January 2, 2015

Are Republicans white supremacists? DSCN7910

As we enter the next two years one fears for President Obama. The past six years were painful to watch white republicans gang up on the President.

It is obvious that the next two years are going to be more hate and racism than working for the benefit of the American people.flag

We know it is a racial issue more than a policy issue. At the end of the day the people, voters, tax payers can go to hell.

I feel sorry for President Obama. For anyone to be caught, to be surrounded by such blatant racism because of the colour of his skin is sinful. If white republicans cooperate and work with the other side of the isle, wouldn’t white voters and tax payers benefit too? DSC_5394

Weren’t people in Congress, republicans and democrats elected by the people to serve the people? NO! They were elected to get rich quickly. Show them the money.

President Obama got my vote twice, and even though I am displeased with certain of his policies, I would vote for him again just because of republican hypocrisy and propaganda.2013-01-04 22.53.21

Mr. President I sympathize with you for the position you are in because of the colour of your skin and the way the republicans want you to not succeed.

Two years is a long time to suffer this treatment. Have faith in God and enjoy your time in the White House. Envy will get your enemies nowhere.

When we are all dead, the colour of our skin would not matter to the worms.Agreement

If only the American people could see and think. May God be with you for the next two years.

Happy New Year!



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