President Obama: Leave The Muslims Alone / Get Out of Middle East

January 9, 2015

Mr. President, while you are in denial of your Muslim ancestry / heritageIMG_4201 here is some thing you can not deny. You have done more evil than good in the Middle East and it is time you leave the Muslims alone.

If you want to imprint history as the war president then you should pick fights with Russia, China, North Korea, Germany, Iran or Japan. Pick a fight with some one who could give you your money’s worth of fun.IMG_4397

Don’t you have enough Muslim blood on your little hands? Regime change and protecting dictators in oil countries is not new American foreign policy. You have done your share in the Middle East.

By God, by all that’s holy to a good Christian leader like you, haven’t you done enough evil in the birdsMiddle East? In the world? Haven’t you killed enough women and children? Haven’t you left enough people homeless? Sick? Starving? All that blood on your hands, all those tears washing your soul! When is enough, enough?

Muslim women and kids and old men are people just like Christians and Jews. They feel, they bleed, they shed tears, they feel hunger, they get sick, just like Christians and Jews.white-swan-in-sunset-patk-las-vegas

Why don’t you leave the Muslims alone? Stop punishing them. Your war on terrorism is not killing terrorists. It is killing innocent women, kids and old men. For every terrorist you kill, 1,000 more are born.

What about all those young American lives lost? Could my tax $$ be better spent? How about women and kids starving and living in shelters on American soil? Mr. President, leave the Muslims alone. Get out of the Middle East.DSCF4284

God will bless a good Christian leader like you for showing mercy on your fellow humans even if they are only worthless Muslims.



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