Christians: Criticize Islam, Kill Muslims, But Sanctify All Prophets

January 12, 2015

The French tragedy is a blatant disregard for God and man.

Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in God. churchIf they believe in God, then they have to believe in His Prophets. The Jews accept Abraham to Moses, David and Solomon also.

The Christians accept Jesus. The Muslims must accept all the Prophets of God, from Adam to Mohammed if they are Muslims.

There is no justification on either side for what happened in France. God-skyA sinking business blaspheming a Prophet of God for financial gain is wrong. Killing people is wrong.

If a person wants to stoop low and criticize a Jew, or a Christian, or a Muslim, do so. The Jews, bless their hearts, will yell anti-Semitism. Criticize, blaspheme, slander, curse people. Kill Muslims, curse Muslims.

However, there is one thing no one should be permitted to do and that is to blaspheme and slander the Prophets of God. If we believe in God, then we must believe in his Prophets.

We must believe that God sent his Prophets to guide us,IMG_0135-1 to lead us to the sacred path. Those Prophets of God are infallible, holy, sinless, chosen, blessed, and we sinners beg for mercy and forgiveness every day of our decadent lives and should honour and respect them.

Who are we to make fun of the Prophets of God? Who gave us permission to caricature Prophet Mohammed?

It happened before, perhaps it will happen again. Christians have been waging war on Islam and Muslims since the Crusades. DSCF4284However, they should leave out the Prophet.

Perhaps it is time Christians started walking in the foot steps of the ultimate peace maker – our Messiah, Jesus Christ.


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