Christian Terrorists, Jewish Terrorists, Buddhist Terrorists

January 21, 2015

Let’s look at some statistics. Christians – Europeans and Americans – have H13-22 Necrosisthe largest number of groups of terrorists. They control the media and suppress this information.

Other parts of the world: According to State Department secret information (on the internet) in 2013 alone, Jewish terrorists committed 399 acts of terrorism on Palestinian civilians, causing death, physical injuries, and vandalism on mosques and churches.IMG_7839

Buddhist terrorists have been killing Muslims for years in Burma and the Christian world turns the other way. The Christian media gives no coverage to these acts of terrorism.Crossman co2 air pistol

Buddha preached love and self sacrifice for all life – even ants must live. The new Buddhist terrorists have no respect for life, limb or property.

In Sri Lanka, the Buddhist terrorists have been killing Muslims, burning their property and business, and again the media and Christian world are silent on these atrocities.IMG_5595

In the US, 152 acts of terrorism, two by Muslims got world-wide coverage, and 150 by Americans got the silent media treatment. The media and the government use two acts to create fear and Islamophobia and sweep 150 acts of white terrorism under the rug.

In Europe, country after country – France, England, Greece, Italy, Norway – Christian terrorists have committed acts of terrorism that gets very little media in Europe or the US.Breaktime

Let one Muslim – acting alone or in a group – cross the line and Islam, Muslims, the Prophet, are all labeled terrorists. The European Christians gave the world terrorism, imperialism, colonialism, divide and conquer, turned Africans into slaves, enslaved the Middle East for their oil, and so on, and so forth. If it was evil the European Christians gave it to the world.DSCF4284

If we are condemning terrorism, let’s condemn Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim Terrorists. Why single out the smallest group and burn them at the stake?

The present Christian gesture is to turn the world against Muslims and bury Islam. Why? Oh! Let’s not forget they still want the oil below the sand. night moon

Islam is God’s religion. He will protect His religion, His Prophets, and His Muslims.

March on all ye Christian soldiers.


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