American Christian Terrorists: The Hidden Facts

January 23, 2015

It’s time we face the hidden facts. Let’s look at American Christian terrorists.IMG_2713

White Christian terrorists lynching black people for two hundred years is certainly acts of terrorism.

White Christian terrorists bombing abortion clinics is certainly terrorism. White Christian terrorists sending letters and packages to innocent people with the white stuff (anthrax) with intent to kill is certainly acts of terrorism.

Law enforcement “stop and frisk” black and Latin men are a form of legal terrorism. Law enforcement spying in mosques, interrogating over 750,000 innocent Muslims is again legal terrorism.H13-22 Necrosis

We have enslaved and terrorized people from Africa for hundreds of years. We have terrorized Japanese and put them is camps for years. We have terrorized Native Americans for hundred of years. The list is incomplete.

White gunmen shooting innocent people – and kids – in schools, theatres, temples, universities, churchshopping malls etc. are all acts of terrorism. These acts of terrorism were all committed by White Christian terrorists. Where is the outrage America? Where is the outrage television and newspapers?

It is time the media, and we the American people, face our crimes. We have more white Christian terrorists in America than we have from any other race or religion.

Why are we pointing the finger when we have a history of concealed terrorism?praying-hands-Pencil

Lynching, bombing clinics, terrorizing minorities, shooting people in schools, terrorizing Muslims are all acts of terrorism.

White God-fearing American Christians wrote the book on TERRORISM.


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