Racism in America? Nonsense, You Cry Babies!

January 28, 2015

All we ever hear about is racism, prejudice, hate crime, discrimination, inequality, etc. DSCN7910These are all black and brown people’s lies. Muslims are getting on the wagon too.

 Well, this is America. We have no such race, colour or religious crimes in this country. Look at the White House. We have a half-black President.

Look at how those white congressmen are falling over themselves to support his efforts to help poor black and brown people.

Racism in America? Nonsense! Whoever started those lies need a good “Saudi” whipping.flag

AN ASIDE: The air waves have been filled with MLK’s speeches to commemorate his holiday on 1-19-2015. That poor dreamer! Every word he said was true, but has anything changed in 50 years? That man had vision and spoke prophetic words. Nothing changed!

Now back to racism in America. If we had racism, prejudice, hate crimes, discrimination, inequality, etc. in America, the good religious leaders and elected officials of this great, moral, democratic country would have been working day and night to cleanse this nation of these horrible sins.ttronslien-8953

Since no one is doing anything about such sins and crimes, then they do not exist.

Someone on the radio said some thing about housing discrimination, racial steering, institutional racism, gentrification that clears out poor and blacks, etc. Lies! All nonsense!

We take good care of black and brown men – we send them to private prisons. We leave their women and kids to beg and starve.

Racism in America! Who ever heard such nonsense? Good grief, wake up people – this is the land of freedom and democracy – of white justice and black justice.




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