United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia: Strange Alliance – Buddies in Crime

February 2, 2015

Three unlikely allies who have so much in common. Two claim to be great democracies, and one of course is a great kingdom.DSC04060

These three countries are great blood relations. Big Brother protects the two little brothers. One for its strategic spy location and the other one for its wealth beneath the sand.

All three persecute and execute. America hangs and execute. Israel torture and persecute. Saudi Arabia chops heads off and oppresses migrant slave labour.

In the politics of democracy – freedom, equality, justice, human rights – these three countries rank at IMG_0318the bottom of the list. One can understand Israel and Saudi Arabia at the bottom, but the US, the champion of all rights and justice, is just shocking. Our human rights records (not to mention racial injustice) are so bad we don’t even allow scrutiny ….

Perhaps it should be no surprise that the US would want such friends – one for spying, one for oil. f16_fighting_falconOn the other hand, the spy gets billions + protection, and the king of oil gets to keep his kingdom. Are they using each other?

We in the US ought to be ashamed to have such oppressors as friends. Israel treats its garbage better than the Palestinians. Saudi Arabia treats its dogs better than its women and slave labour.

Of course, in the US we treat black and brown people a little better than garbage and our dogs a whole lot better than blacks and browns. DSC_0361

In none of these countries does religion play a significant role. Saudi Arabia made up its own Islam and is certainly practicing an oppressive religion. The Judaism of Abraham and Moses has very little in common with the violence and persecution practiced by Israel. American Christianity is based more on oppression, exploitation, racism, God-skyprejudice, slave labour and torture and imprisonment. Jesus never preached such practices.

Well, there you have it. Three great allies! Partners in crime! Oppressors, exploiters, democratic apartheid states! What next?







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