White Justice, Black Justice – The American Way

February 6, 2015

No one can deny that at all levels and in all branches of government, the courts, social and economic ttronslien-8953strata of American life, we have white justice and black justice. We have institutional racism and we have institutional justice to fix the white / black crimes and punishments.

One standard of justice for white folks, a second and unjust standard for black, brown and others.

Is justice in the US different from Apartheid South Africa? USSR and its Jews? Israel and its Palestinians? Hitler and his non-Germans? Saudi Arabia and its non-royals?

What is frightening about American justice is that we pretend to have a fair system when the opposite is true. We can start with the Supreme Court and work our way down, and at every level of the court system we have a double standard, a double system, one white and one black.flag

Here are some comparison with friends and allies: Saudi Arabia chopped off 38 heads last year. America is still executing, and mass incarceration of black people is still our favourite sport. In Russia they disappear. In Israel they kill them and bulldoze their homes. What is different? What is the same?

We in the US have set ourselves up as better and more moral then the rest of the world when we are more evil and more unjust than anyone else.

Saudi Arabia, Israel, North Korea, Russia do not claim to be moral and just. Soul Food MGD©They do what they do and it’s all holy and righteous – and nobody’s business.

We claim to be what we are not. On paper we have a system of justice that would put the world to shame if we implemented it as it should be.

Can justice be about money? In America it is. White justice, black justice, private prisons, oppression, black slave trade, black drugs, white drug users, all go back to money.DSCF4284

Black leaders must take up the march and never rest if they want to be free. Where are MLK and Malcolm X when we need them?

In any scenario it is going to be a long time before black people enjoy justice and equality in these United States.




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