President Obama Exposes American Christian Lies

February 9, 2015

Mr. President, thank you, a Christian man, for having the courage to stand up and educating the white Christians of the US.praying_on_bible_red

Yes, Christians world-wide love to point fingers, forget their past – crusades, slave traders, imperialism, colonialism, apartheid, oppression, exploitation, burying the African Continent, India, South America – and adapt the self-righteous role of the pious Christian.

Yes, we in America love to point fingers while forgetting that we were among the biggest slave traders plus all of the above, plus we have Jim Crow, Obraz 100lynching, apartheid, white justice, black justice, stop and frisk, private prison, KKK, white supremacist, our own Christian terrorists, to name a few of our sins and crimes.

The white Christians in this country can be as furious as they choose but denying their crimes and sins would not make them disappear. Someone had to say it, and we have to face it.

The problems of course are the ignorance of the American people and the propaganda of the media.

The American education system is to blame for the lack of knowledge of the American people. They are not taught history – American of World History. On the other hand, the American people are preoccupied with sports, reality TV, and hours of nightly laughter.praying-hands-Pencil Being informed of world events is not a priority as the reaction of the politicians and Members of Congress have shown. The truth outraged them. People who know history knows that Christians have killed more Muslims than we can count.

Mass media in America thrives on lies and propaganda. We have to turn to BBC and Al Jazeera for the truth in news coverage. The media owes the public something, and if they don’t deliver, the death of the media will be inevitable.

It is unfortunate that the white Christians churchin America reacted the way they did to the President’s point of view instead of grabbing an opportunity to educate themselves and correcting the sins for which they are guilty.

Perhaps they have short memories and have forgotten that boat loads of white Christians came to America as criminals from the British prisons. They were the original American Christian crusaders and terrorists.God-sky

Thank you, Mr. President for speaking the truth.

Face it white Christians and repent in the name of God.


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