American Christians: Muslims Know Their History & The Crusades

February 11, 2015

No American Christians! You are wrong. President Obama’s reference to the Crusades DSC_1414-2is not giving the Middle East Terrorists any new ammunition. You see the people of the Middle East know their history.

They know about the Crusades, the split of the Christian Church, The French Revolution and the Reign of Terror, European conquests in the Middle East, the British and French dividing up their lands, the American take over of their oil, and much more.DSC_0361

They have lived under European imperialism and colonialism, oppression and exploitation for hundreds of years and the same from America for over a hundred years.

Americans, especially those from Congress and leaders from Churches, should visit the region and IMG_8743ahave a conversation with the local people and they will find that they might be poor, but they are not ignorant of their history (as most Americans are).

One other point, they never forget an insult or a wrong done to their tribe or family. They pass it down from generation to generation and wait to restore the family honour – whatever it takes. Ask the Afghans. Ask the Brits who tried to take over their country.IMG_2713

So President Obama’s words have very little to do with those terrorists in the Middle East, but a lot to do with our terrorists here at home. If Christians were not guilty of any crimes and sins, they would not have protested so loudly. It’s a pity we just can’t burn the past and dump the ashes in the River Jordon.

The idea here is not to rake up the ashes of the past and pour blame on the already guilty IMG_0135-1Christians, but to make changes, reparations, admit the wrongs, face the facts, and go forward. At some point, ask forgiveness of those ignorant, poor, dark Middle Easterners and perhaps threw in a few supplications to the Almighty.

He might even forgive all you arrogant, self-righteous Christians.



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