American Terrorist Is Not A Real Terrorist

February 13, 2015

When someone with an Arabic name or Muslim by religion kills people he is a terrorist.Crossman co2 air pistol As recently in France! As recently in Boston, USA! When someone who is white, American, perhaps Christian kills Muslims, as in North Carolina USA, he is anything – lunatic, hate crime – but not a terrorist.

A white American terrorist walks into a Muslim home and shoots three young Muslim kids in the head – executes them – but no one in America is calling this premeditated crime an act of terrorism.

Where are the talking heads today? Congress, politicians, holy Christian leaders, including the praying-hands-PencilPresident? Why aren’t they condemning this act of terrorism on the homeland?

(Maybe they are busy making plans to return to the Middle East and kill more Muslims.)

Where is home land security? Aren’t Muslims paying enough taxes to warrant protection? Aren’t Muslim lives worthy of outrage?

If that white man had an Arabic name or was Muslim, this whole country would be outraged and out there screaming terrorism and calling for the heads of every Muslim in this country and the whole of Europe.DSCF4284

One can only reiterate that there are more white Christian terrorists walking the earth than ever there were or will be Muslims.

It’s such a shame that the lives of three young people, with glorious, promising lives ahead of them, should be cut short by such a heinous act of terrorism.

Every day in the US the President and Congress are planning new ways to make war and kill Muslims. Why not make peace and help Muslims? War money can be peace IMG_0135-1money – food, medicine, little kids, old women. (No profit there!)

Muslims lives matter! Muslims are people just like French people, British people, American people – shoot them and they bleed and they die. Just look at those three beautiful young people from North Carolina.

Those three young people may not be dentists in this world, but Almighty God has plans for them. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi Raji oun. May Allah grant them Jannat al Firdause.



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