Muslim American Mother: My Muslim Sons In The Military Defended America

February 16, 2015

How many war mongers in Congress joined the US military and defended America?f16_fighting_falcon How about those Supreme Court Judges? How about those war Presidents? Governors? Mayors? State and City elected officials all over his country? No guts? No patriotism?

The very people who are making laws and selling arms to Muslims so they can kill each other did not have the guts to join the military and defend their own country.

Well, here is some news for your gutless politicians and law makers: My three Muslim sons joined the US military and defended the American people with pride and courage.H13-22 Necrosis

Son No. 1 – Marines: Killed thousands of innocent people in Panama so we can get Noriega. What a farce that was. (He got me a T-Shirt. He also vomited for months after.)

Son No.2 – Navy: Sitting on their ship, the USS America, those young men fired missiles or bombs (not sure which) into Iraq. (He got me a porcelain cat and some perfume.)

Son No. 3 – Air Force: Never talked about what he did. DSC02822Just said he had a job to do. (He got me a T-Shirt.)

Brother and Nephew – Army: Brother OK! Nephew did a lot of killing in Iraq. You people in La-La-Land should talk to him. He – a Muslim – killed lots of Muslims in Iraq. He is half mad.

Cousins in the military: Half a dozen that I know of.

All these young men were young idealistic Muslims proud to be American, proud to serve America, proud to be in uniform and risk life and limb for America.DSCN7910

Today, Muslim Americans are the evil that must be destroyed and eliminated from American soil. We are terrorists. But what about the sacrifices that my sons, my brother, my nephew, my cousins and all the other Muslim sons made for this country?

These men defended America because they considered themselves patriotic Americans. How about those that lost blood, lives and sanity?IMG_0135-1

Today, they are all in the category of terrorists because they were born Muslims and have Muslim names.

Muslim sons and soldiers: defenders of America. Now Terrorists!




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