Muslim Americans: Scapegoats For The American War Machine

February 18, 2015

From the first day the White European Christians landed on American soil the genocide began. Oregon Coast lighthouse (2)Whether we refer to Christopher Columbus, the holy Pilgrims, or the boat loads of criminals from England’s prisons, on arrival here, their first thoughts were to murder the Native Americans.

For the past 523 years (1492 – 2015) nothing has changed. The white invaders are still slaughtering some innocent group of the other for money and power.

DSC02822This is our history: War, concentration camps and genocide of Native Americans. Enslaving, lynching, Jim Crow, prison for African Americans. Chinese and cheap / slave labour. Japanese in camps on American soil. For the Italians, Germans, and Jews, hell on earth. The Mexicans: we stole ? annexed ? half of Mexico and on to this day Mexicans are persona non grata.

These people were past scapegoats. They served their purpose and then America left them to survive or rot in the case of the Mexicans.

flagWe now come to the Muslims. For oil and gas and minerals under the sands of the Middle East, America has destroyed the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and else where.

The Muslims on American soil pay a dear price for being Muslims in America. They are the new scapegoats.

9-11 was politically engineered to give the American war machine a valid reason for annihilating the Muslim world.13-10-18 Astoria Coast Guard helicopter-1

No country in the Middle East is safe from American imperialism / colonialism / oppression / exploitation / and genocide for oil and arms sales. (As I write we make plans to sell drones to the world.)

No Muslim on American soil is safe until America’s need for Muslim scapegoats is met.

A man with an Arabic name commits a crime, he is a terrorist. A man with a Christian name kills 26 Breaktimekids in a school, or a man kills in a theatre, or a temple, or a university campus, or a shopping centre, or three Muslim university kids, and he is a lunatic, insane, anything but a terrorist.

We must all remember that European Christians were the first terrorists – as in the Crusades.

Muslim Americans are now the scapegoats for the American war machine, the arms industry, the oil industry, and most important to create fear in the American people so as to control their lives, minds and imagination. Also known as Islamophobia!God-sky

The politics of fear is here and Muslim Americans are the current bargaining chips for American apartheid and repression of its own people. Let’s not forget also American imperialism / colonialism / oppression / exploitation / and genocide for whatever American power and capitalism need.

We have a great history for a land filled with immigrants and refugees.




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