Muslim American Teacher Wants Her Place At The Table – Not The Stable

February 20, 2015

First, I am an American. Not a hyphen-American. Race, ethnicity or religion has nothing to do with my citizenship.ttronslien-8953

I have been living on American soil since 1969, worked my way up and have paid more taxes than I can afford.

I think it is time the American propaganda machine (Government & media) stop turning me and my family – and all Muslims – into terrorists.

The previous blog detailed the service of my three sons in the US Military and I asked the question: flagHow many greedy politicians and self-serving members of Congress have served in the US Military?

I am a teacher. For the last 25 years I have taught America’s children. I taught at a school in NYC where 99% of the students were Black. Talk about 21st Century segregation. I witnessed it. I taught at another school in NYC where 90% of the students were Spanish. I taught at another school where the administrators tried to keep out certain groups because they would “bring down” the blue ribbon status of the school. These are NYC schools. Racism is alive and thriving. It is all documented in The Other Side of Teaching.

When I was teaching I was not a Muslim-American terrorist, I was a teacher preparing future citizens DSCN7910of America. As a teacher I gave my best everyday to the kids in my classroom.

Yes, I experienced prejudice, condescension, being denied positions in the academic world, but nothing like what I experienced after 9-11. That was not my fault.

I have paid my dues as an American citizen and as a proud mother of three sons in the US Military. Now I am treated as persona non grata and a terrorist.mosque

What more do I have to do to prove to the American Government, the media, and those people who are spreading fear of Muslims and creating Islamophobia that I am a law abiding citizen who loves this country and is proud to be an American?

When do I get out of the stable, the dog-house, the concentration camps, the hate slurs, the suspicious terrorist category and take my place at your table as an American citizen with respect, pride and dignity? I am waiting, God Willing!


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