Muslims, Islamophobia, Persecution – The New Game In Town

February 23, 2015

Muslims are not different from Jews or Christians. They all worship the same God. IMG_0318They all worship the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are not different from Hindus or Buddhists. They are all made with the same material. They bleed and die just like Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

What sets Muslims apart from these people of other faiths and beliefs is not their religious beliefs, but the fact that Muslim lands (or sand) have unlimited natural resources which the western powers covet.

If there were no resources – oil, gas, mineral – in the Middle East, no imperialist / colonial power – USA, England, France – would look at them twice.DSC_0361

Islamophobia is spreading like wild fire around the world. (Australia just made new laws just for Muslims.) Islam is a religion – sent by God – just like Judaism or Christianity. Religion came to mankind to make people better people. Now Islam is being blamed for the actions of a few sinners who have crossed the line from Islam to infidel.DSCF4284

This world has over 1.5 billion Muslims. Perhaps a few thousand in the past 20 years – with American and European training, arms, and influence are bad. Is it fair to blame 1.5 billion Muslims for the sins of those few infidels?

We have bad Jews, bad Christians, bad Hindus, bad Buddhists, but we do not blame their religious affiliation for the sins their criminals commit.

The persecution of Muslims is not new. It started with the Crusades in the 12th Century. praying-hands-PencilShould we blame Christians and Jesus for the Crusaders’ persecution of the Jews, Christians and Muslims they slaughtered in Jerusalem? Should we blame Judaism and Moses for the Israeli persecution of the Palestinians?

Muslims are not the persecutors – they are the persecuted. And when you push a persecuted people against the wall and they can go no further they will retaliate. Self survival demands action, and the selfish courage to confront one’s oppressors is timeless, God-skyfor example South Africa recently, India in 1947.

Muslims are facing and fighting persecution and Islamophobia.

God saved Moses’ people. God saved Jesus. God will save the Muslims.



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