Israeli Prime Minister Exposed His Stupid Side

March 6, 2015

“The fact that someone has been elected doesn’t mean that he is smart.”

Meir Dagan, NY Times Magazine, January 29, 2012.flag

Both the Israeli Prime Minister and Speaker Boner showed absolute prejudice and disrespect for the President and Congress of the US. What did Mr. Boner hope to gain by inviting that terrorist to address Congress?

So the PM does not want Iran to have Nuclear Power. Let him go fight Iran. If Israel is a good law abiding neighbor and good country DSC_5394(armed to the teeth with sophisticated American arms and nuclear weapons plus hundreds of Billions of American tax-payers $$$) why are they afraid of Iran or any other country in the Middle East having these harmless weapons?

Israelis would not have to be so concerned with self-preservation if (1) they would make an effort to live in peace with their neighbors, (2) stop annihilating the Palestinians, and (3) if America would stop condoning their genocide and holocaust of the Palestinians.Yikes!

The PM certainly made a fool of himself. He said he will go where he is invited. Check who the invitation is coming from. Why was he invited? Well, one idiot invites another. And that’s where the PM blundered.

The US, Iran and other world powers are discussing Iran’s Nuclear Program. Israel was not invited. Why? Why should Israel be invited? This is about US foreign policy. Israel has nothing to say or do with US foreign policy.

That will be a sad day when this country needs the likes of that nincompoopDSCF4284 to shape its foreign policy.

A terrorist like the Israeli PM with so much blood on his hands has the nerve to tell the US what to do. Never!

Boner ought to wash his face in a sewer. The PM ought to wash Palestinian blood off his hands.


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