European Jews Implemented European Terrorist Policies In Palestine

March 9, 2015

European Jews in Palestine: They took European terrorism, European imperialism and colonialism, DSC_1414-2European oppression and exploitation, European apartheid and slave practices, European greed and envy and turned Palestine into Israel.

Not content with stealing the land and making the Palestinians refugees in their own land, they now systematically genocide the Palestinians.

The European Jews learned their genocidal policies very well. For thousands of years they were the victims of European persecution.IMG_8743a One would think they would have learned all about compassion and extending same to the Palestinians.

Now the European/Israeli Jews in Palestine have changed into terrorists, imperialists, colonialists, oppressors, exploiters, slave owners, and rulers of an apartheid state. They are some of the greediest, ego-centric, self centered people on earth.DSC_0361

If Palestine/Israel is to survive, then they will need to change policies and make more friends in the Middle East. So far they have one “friend”. The USA!

When oil and mineral in the Middle East are depleted and the US no longer needs the strategic location of Israel the “friendship” will end. What will Israel do then? Fall back on nuclear bombs?

DSCF4284European Jews wanted a homeland. They got one thing wrong. They should have left European terrorist policies in Europe and created their own policy to co-exist with the Palestinians whose land they were renting.

Instead, they took European policies which include the evils in the first paragraph above to Palestinechurch and destroyed land and people.

It is only a matter of time before the European Jews in Israel self-destruct.

However, it is never too late to change policies.




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