Israel Treats Palestinians as America Treats Native Americans

March 13, 2015

One realizes that Palestine must try to free itself from Israeli occupation, apartheid, oppression, and IMG_4201exploitation. But it’s difficult without a Gandhi, a Mandela, or a Castro.

Israel treats the Palestinians as America treats the Native Americans. We exterminated the Natives as we cleansed their lands and planted greed and capitalism and dug up gold and minerals.

IMG_4397The Israelis have been exterminating the Palestinians – with America’s blessings – seizing their lands for decades and building settlements. One of Israel’s closest allies back in the day was South Africa. The Israelis helped arm the apartheid government in South Africa who were oppressing and exterminating the black population.DSC02526

In these three countries, Israel, America and South Africa, Europeans stormed in, massacred the natives – be it Palestinians, Native peoples of America, or the real Natives of South Africa, and seized and occupied their lands.

IMG_0832 (2)For the Palestinians there will never be Palestine. It is one of the saddest stories in the annals of history.

For the Africans in SA the sun smiled down on them.

For the Native Americans the struggles continue. The road ahead is bumpy. They are still fighting for their rights, their land, and recognition as the original people of this great land. We Americans gave them citizenship and the right to vote. They are still fighting for a real life on their land – for remuneration for the land we stole. There is still hope!DSCF4284

Israel has not given the Palestinians – whose land they stole – citizenship and the right to vote. They never will.

praying-hands-PencilHow can depraved and deprived white Europeans just walk into Palestine, take away the people’s land and livelihood, and live happily ever after?

They never will!!!


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