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Two days ago the Supreme Court decided that women can wear hijab to sell clothes in A & F. One is not sure what kind of victory this is for women; after all covering one’s head is not covering one’s intelligence. Furthermore, any high school dropout could sell clothes or hamburgers at any store.

Some Muslim women wear hijab to cover their heads. Some Jewish women wear wigs to cover their heads. Christian Nuns cover their heads as part of their habits. Why this fuss over hijabs?women

Women are underpaid. For the same education, experience and position they make 25% less than men.

Girls and women are sold into prostitution and slavery. These are lucrative businesses. The fair skinned females are more likely to be sold into prostitution, while the dark skinned ones have a good chance of entering the slave trade. Either “profession” is a crime against women. Who does the selling?

Women are raped by men and the abused women are criminalized by society while the men laugh all the way to the next victim.

Women are unequal to men. That is indisputable. The question is: why? Was Eve inferior to Adam? IMG_0491What makes women less human than men? Women are just as good as men at any given profession. Men are physically stronger, women are psychologically stronger. So what makes men superior to women?

Perhaps no one can give a satisfactory answer to this question. However, one can give a good guess as to who is responsible.

For thousands of years men wrote laws that govern women’s lives. Men wrote those laws menin their favour which make them superior and women inferior. Men wrote religious and secular laws that gave them power over women and society. Men wrote biased and prejudiced laws and enforced them by physical strength.

Men are still writing the laws, but it is time to give women equal pay, stop selling them into prostitution and slavery, and stop treating them as unequal, second class citizens.

IMG_0620Oh! And forget the hijab, wigs, and habits. Women may cover their heads, but the majority of them have proven that they are more intelligent, more resilient, and more moral than men.

May the Supreme Court continue to be sensible.




Christians have been teaching the world “terrorism” for over a thousand years. H13-22 Necrosis

In the 11th and 12th Centuries the pious Christians of Europe with the pope’s blessings terrorized and slaughtered the Muslims of Jerusalem / Middle East. Christians covered the streets of Palestine with a lot of Muslim blood. Christians have been terrorizing Muslims for so long they have perfected the art of terrorism.

How about the French? Recall the reign or Terror? Isn’t that when terrorism was born? IMG_8743aIsn’t that where the term “terrorist” came from? Those French Christians terrorized and slaughtered their own people and covered the streets of Paris with a lot of French Christian blood.

How soon we forget. Christians have short convenient memories. Whatever their motives, which is quite clear really, let’s not forget that in France the FLNC is a Christian terrorist group that is quite violent and very active. Recently in Greece and Italy Christian groups were responsible for acts of terror. God-skyIn Norway a very pro-Christian man in an act of terror killed 77. Why do the media ignore these acts or terrorism?

World wide 98% of the terrorist acts are committed by Christian and other religious groups, and 2% (or less) by Muslim groups. Why are the Christian media in the US and European countries ignoring 98% of Christian terrorism and blasting the 2% by Muslims? To put the fear of Muslims in People?church

Jesus, please hurry and return. The devout Christians practicing and spreading terrorism need you to teach them about peace and love.

                                                                       Hurry Jesus!

Mr. President, while you are in denial of your Muslim ancestry / heritageIMG_4201 here is some thing you can not deny. You have done more evil than good in the Middle East and it is time you leave the Muslims alone.

If you want to imprint history as the war president then you should pick fights with Russia, China, North Korea, Germany, Iran or Japan. Pick a fight with some one who could give you your money’s worth of fun.IMG_4397

Don’t you have enough Muslim blood on your little hands? Regime change and protecting dictators in oil countries is not new American foreign policy. You have done your share in the Middle East.

By God, by all that’s holy to a good Christian leader like you, haven’t you done enough evil in the birdsMiddle East? In the world? Haven’t you killed enough women and children? Haven’t you left enough people homeless? Sick? Starving? All that blood on your hands, all those tears washing your soul! When is enough, enough?

Muslim women and kids and old men are people just like Christians and Jews. They feel, they bleed, they shed tears, they feel hunger, they get sick, just like Christians and Jews.white-swan-in-sunset-patk-las-vegas

Why don’t you leave the Muslims alone? Stop punishing them. Your war on terrorism is not killing terrorists. It is killing innocent women, kids and old men. For every terrorist you kill, 1,000 more are born.

What about all those young American lives lost? Could my tax $$ be better spent? How about women and kids starving and living in shelters on American soil? Mr. President, leave the Muslims alone. Get out of the Middle East.DSCF4284

God will bless a good Christian leader like you for showing mercy on your fellow humans even if they are only worthless Muslims.


Actions speak louder than words – period. Six years ago, at his DSC_1414-2inauguration speech, Mr. Obama said, “To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.” Six years later his actions have proven how much he hates Muslims.

It is not the Muslims fault that his father and step-father were Muslims. It is not the Muslims fault that his siblings are Muslims or are closely related to Muslims or his cousins are Muslims. Muslims are not to blame if he is embarrassed by his Muslim ancestry / heritage.church

It is a fact that as an ambitious young American man of African ancestry he would not have made it to the White House as a Muslim. He is free to practice what ever religion he pleases.

However one looks at his dilemma, President Obama is ashamed of and embarrassed by his relationship to Muslims. He could not have a Muslim father, a Muslim step-father and live in a Muslim country for years without learning some facts about Muslims and Islam.IMG_0135-1

The bottom line is that Mr. Obama is in denial. He hates a large part of himself, his life, and his connection to Muslims and Islam. He should not try to expunge his hate and shame by hating innocent Muslims and trying to exterminate as many of them as he could.

Muslims have done nothing to hurt Mr. Obama. In 2009 they saw his victory as a chance for peace and healing. His victory was their hope.

Today, Muslims have no hope, very little – if any – respect for killer / war monger Obama.DSCF4284

Mr. President it is not the Muslims fault if you are ashamed of the blood in your veins.

Stop hating them and stop killing them. You have enough Muslim blood on your hands.

In his inaugural address on January 20, 2009, President Barak Hussein Obama promised to improve Crossman co2 air pistolrelations with the Muslim World. Six years later the president has shown Muslims what cheap words and empty promises look like.

Six years later Muslims are still waiting.

 President Obama said, “To the Muslim world, f16_fighting_falconwe seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.” Around the world Muslims hailed the new president as peace maker, printedT-shirts with his face on them, and the pen used to write this essay is from Kenya and it is labeled “Obama Smoothline”.

 The President does have a lot of smooth lines.IMG_0318

 President Obama has forgotten his cheap words and empty promises as the past six years have proven. Instead the president and American weapons have killed more Muslims than any other president, leader and country in history.

 President Obama’s personal “war on terrorism” means killing Muslims – old men, sick women, defenseless children – anywhere, anytime, IMG_7839weather they have committed a crime or not, without trial, guilty or not. For every terrorist he kills, 1,000 more are born.

 Instead of ending wars, the president has started new wars on Muslims. We are droning Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq among others. Democracy has helped Iraq deteriorate to a new low in human history.13-10-18 Astoria Coast Guard helicopter-1

 He has effected regime change in Afghanistan and Egypt, kept dictators in power in Bahrain and Yemen, is arming all sides in Syria. Yes, he has sent Muslims to hell on this earth.

 He said, “… we seek a new way forward ….” Well no one guessed that his new way forward was to annihilate the Muslims and the Middle East.flag

 The only “interest” President Obama has shown in Muslims is to genocide them. As to “respect”, the word means blood for him. Mr. Obama has a lot of Muslim blood on his hands.

 One hopes that Nobel Committee has a Nobel War & Blood Prize prepared for themosque president. He earned it, he worked for it, he deserves it.

 He can accept it with his bloody hands – Muslim blood on those genocidal hands.



A Prayer For The New Year

December 31, 2014

We Pray and ask God to make the Year 2015 a year of peace for humankind.happy-flowers

We Pray that poverty and suffering of all people will decrease.

We Pray that the hungry will be given food, the homeless will find homes, and the sick will get medicine and good health, God Willing.balloon-boy

We Pray that all the orphans of war and in the world, with God’s help, will find good “parents” and warm homes.

Almighty God, only you can fulfill the needs of the poor and the orphans. Please bless them with food, homes and good health in the New Year.God-sky

Please God make hate and racism go away.

The children of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, the African Continent, the Ebola victims, the victims of war, they all need your help.DSCF4284

Please Almighty God, help the poor and the needy of our world. Thank you.

Happy New year to all especially the poor and needy.



When Catholics, and then Jews began arriving here Lady Libertyttronslien-8953 greeted them with open arms and welcomed them warmly to the land of free and the home of the brave.

Lady Liberty was not prejudiced. Her heart accepted the persecuted of the world. However, the Catholics and the Jews suffered decades of American hate, prejudice and persecution. They lived the laws of marginality and knew what religious phobias and persecution were all about.IMG_0318

They got low paying jobs, the kids changed or hid their religion, lots of Jews changed their names, the list of changes they made goes on.

The Catholics and Jews suffered and suffered and it took them decades to be accepted in this Christian country where words like liberty, equality and justice for all are just that – words without meaning.

In the last 30 – 40 years the Muslims began arriving in America in large numbers. American wars and persecution in their own countries leave them no choice but to seek other shores – whether the US of European lands.DSCN7910

What greets and welcome the Muslims to America is not Lady Liberty’s open arms but Islamophobia. This is the new greetings, and these are the new immigrants to be marginalized and persecuted.

The question is: Catholics and Jews have been there, have suffered the same fate, why aren’t they speaking out against Islamophobia? As people of the Book, shouldn’t they condemn this outrage against Abraham’s other children – their cousins?

They were persecuted, hated, marginalized, treated as dirt, they know how it feels. How in the name of God can they sit in their glass houses and watch politicians and the American media accuse and God-skycondemn Muslims, marginalize them, exploit fear for all its worth and say or do nothing.

If they have memories and God within their souls then Catholics and Jews should join the fight against Islamophobia.

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