What a shocking surprise! Thomas Jefferson,IMG_0491 third President of the United States Of America, read the Quran.

For those who don’t know, the Quran is the holy book of the Muslims.

One wonders what TJ learned and took away from the Quran.

No doubt he was a brilliant man. He drafted the declaration flagof independence in seventeen days. Perhaps separation of church and state was one idea he got from reading the Quran. On July 4, the wording of the Declaration of Independence composed by Jefferson was finalized and signed by members of Congress.

Now, if the present members of Congress mindwith their low level of intelligence were to follow TJ’s example and get a copy of the Quran and read it, they might learn a few things about Islam and Muslims. However, one has little hope that members of the present Congress can improve their minds.IMG_0135-1

Anyway, if Thomas Jefferson can read the Quran and learn from it, then all these nincompoops masquerading as intellectuals and law-makers can read it as well.

Go for it America! Read the Quran.



As one can only reiterate, Congress is a Millionaires Club. They get elected to be come rich, DSC03525-Band the people who voted for them are the 99% idiots who eat dirt after the election.

The 1% benefit from elected officials positions because they paid for their election and they forever call the shots.

The elected officials are now in the pockets the 1% and they have ample opportunities to fill their pockets. The poor voters are forgotten and remain in poor people’s hell.

Speaker Silver must be commended for not letting his comrades in crime down.DSC_5385

When these politicians get elected – Congress, State, City, Local – their first thought is to get rich quick and the voters are forgotten. This is understandable. Number one comes first. Greed has no limit. They are never satisfied with a little stealing, a little greed or a little corruption. Being in public office means being corrupt and crooked forever – until the pot runs dry or some one gets caught.

Speaker Silver, it seems, has been stealing and corrupt for a long time. A man in his position, a leader-ship role, so much power and influence, a man who can do so much good for the poor and disadvantaged, spent 20 (?) years being corrupt, greedy, filling his pockets, and ending a “good” career in disgrace. DSC_5394

One wonders if politicians, elected officials, are ever honest people who wanted the position to actually serve the people – or to get rich quick. Elected people, it seems, have XXXXXX large egos.

Perhaps there should be term limits to these elected government offices. These life time positions are not serving the people. These are 1% priorities.

Politics in America is in a dismally shameful state. One must exercise one’s democratic, civic duty and vote. And yet voting for corrupt crooks year after year is truly an exercise in futility.

Show me an honest politician, one who has integrity and is truly concerned with the people’s problems and I’ll showtake leave you a thousand who are going to hell.

Politicians’ pockets take precedence over people’s problems.

99% of politicians are going to hell. The other 1%? They prove nothing is absolute.


This great country of ours – the US of A –the world police – land of opportunity – the greatest P1020449democracy in the universe, etc. etc. etc. is in great danger of becoming an apartheid country, a police state, a fascist regime.

Racial practices by police and public institutions are destroying the very foundation of this country. We have a private prison system (who ever heard of a private prison system?) where black and Spanish men are kicked into for any or no reason. They can expect to remain in private prison for the better part of their lives, without trial.DSC_5769

Even illegal immigrants are kicked into private prisons instead of being deported.

We have a police system in this country where white cops can just shoot black and minority men for fun. Even white civilians can shoot black and Spanish men for fun and get away with it. Can you imagine shooting and killing a black kid because you did not like his loud music? How about the “hoodie” kid who just looked suspicious? DSCN7910All these white killers are free to kill again. No private prison time for white murderers.

Well, this country is a mess. We have too many guns in the wrong hands.

A gun state. A police state. White rulers in an apartheid state. We have white men in Congress Millionaires Club who see everything white and the black and the Spanish can go to private prison or hell whichever comes first.

This country is in trouble and the white racist power structure either like it this way or don’t care about racism, poverty, and the rest of us.DSCF4284

A good guess is the white racist power structure like it this way, designed it this way, and don’t give a damn about the poor, the black, the brown, the 99%.

This is why one wishes all politicians and leaders will, must, should go to hell.

Any dirt bag can run for Congress. No education, qualification or intelligence required. Any skillful liar will do. DSC03525-B

They need to be on the acceptable side of a social issue – abortion, gay, immigration, pipe-line, health / drug company, Israel – and the lobbyists and the billionaires will buy their seats in Congress.

This is the new democracy. Ignorant Americans, innocent voters elect, select, choose, support, vote for a self-serving candidate.

The day after the election that candidate begins to serve the lobbyists and the billionaires who bought their seats and the voters are sent to hell.DSCN7910

Ah! To join the millionaires’ club!

These stupid, greedy, self-serving politicians become stool pigeons of the 1%. They can not serve two masters at the same time, so they sell the voters and fill their pockets with money from people who paid for their “victory”.

Ah! To join the millionaires’ club!

Any half-wit congressman no matter how stupid, knows which side his toast is buttered. Greed will conquer stupidity any day. Serve the self is profitable. Serve the people is not.DSC_5394

Buying and selling congressmen is not a new game in DC. However, the practice is becoming life threatening to what we patriotically call the greatest democracy in the world.

When we can buy and sell congress democracy is dead.

One day soon the suffering, starving, sick masses – the 99% – will have to wake up and take to the streets and march on DC. Either that or apartheid!f2-DSCN2702

Whatever happened to government for the people by the people?

Check out the Millionaires’ Club.


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